Success Stories

Bringing Families Together

L came to Safe Harbor in May  2016 from a domestic violence situation. Because she could not afford to leave the place she was staying, she turned her own grandchildren over to CYS for their safety. Once at Safe Harbor, L worked hard to save her checks, make all of her therapy appointments and parenting classes, and keep up with her CYS visits and court dates, with her Safe Harbor Case Manager by her side as an advocate. L applied for and was granted a housing voucher for a place that would fit her and her grandkids. She moved into her new apartment in August. As of her September hearing date, an apartment inspection is the only thing left for her to complete to regain custody of her grandchildren.


Hard Work Pays

K came to us from Northampton County Prison in February. He’d gotten clean in prison but continued his recovery as a  resident in our program. K worked as many odd jobs as he could to save money until his Safe Harbor case manager helped him to find a job at Olive Garden. K loved his job, and excelled in his work, taking overtime shifts when he could and saving his paychecks. During his time at Safe Harbor, he worked to mend relationships with his family and to save enough money to get his own place. Although we miss his goofy personality, we are thrilled to say that K moved into his own apartment in mid-August and is doing well! Since moving out, he hit his one year clean mark.


Turning It Around

F came to us from being incarcerated. She was part of a Therapeutic Community when she was in prison and was able to work on a lot of her deep-seated issues.When she came to Safe Harbor, she actively participated in many of our groups, especially our women’s group and our art classes. She was very motivated in getting her mental health under control, even though she was released from state prison without any of her psych meds. We were able to help her get referred to a local mental health practice, where she saw a therapist once weekly and had access to a doctor and the medications she needed. Despite the odds stacked against her mental health, she quickly was able to reestablish income and moved into a new place within two months of coming to the Harbor.

The Road to Recovery 

F came to us in August 2015. He came for help with his alcoholism. If F today were to see what he looked like when he first came to us, he would not recognize himself. We coordinated with the local intake unit and were able to help F get into detox and inpatient treatment for about a month. He then came to Safe Harbor while he attended Intensive Outpatient Treatment nine hours a week. F diligently went to local recovery meetings even when he began working, and was open to staff when he was having difficulties in his personal life and in his recovery. For this reason, F quickly became a house leader trusted by all of staff. He volunteered all winter in our Emergency Warming Shelter and ran the kitchen for many months before our new Food Services Director was hired. He came to many speaking events (and continues to come to speaking events to this day!) for Safe Harbor to talk about his success here. F got a job with a local company and saved enough money to afford the rent at a local recovery house. He moved out in August 2016. is doing amazingly, and comes back all the time. He even chairs our Tuesday AA meeting when the normal group leader can’t make it. He is a wonderful example for all of our residents in early recovery and we are so grateful that he continues to come back!




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