Food Service and Garden Programs

Safe Harbor started a Food Service and Garden Program in June 2016 which serves healthy and nutritious meals to the members of the homeless community and residents living at the shelter. Our Food Service’s Director, Ada Chandler is extremely grateful to have the knowledge and gifts to bring happiness to those around her through her cooking.


Ada worked at the Easton Community Center for 8 years before coming to Safe Harbor in June. Ada is very involved with the Easton Community and is the Culinary Instructor for Cooking Matters in the Easton School District where she teaches cooking classes to elementary and middle school children. She is also the Chief for The Children’s Program at the Public Market and has her own catering business. We are very excited to have her on our team! Ada has a deep passion for working with children and is looking forward to going back to school for Pastry Arts.

With the help of Erika Ashman, a Lehigh Community Fellow, we were able to create a Peace Garden that bears the most beautiful plants and vegetables. We’ve been able to incorporate fresh produce from our garden into our Food Services Program and are able to provide a tranquil, healthy place to relax and unwind in a space the residents can be proud of!

Each day, our shelter provides healthy meals which include a meat, fruit/vegetable, bread, tea, coffee and milk to the Easton homeless community. We expect to provide more than 50,000 meals during our current fiscal year to the residents and members of the day program.For many people who are part of our program these are their only meals of the day.  Through the program we are able to offer nutritious cooking classes and healthy living classes to the homeless population.

The services we provide at Safe Harbor start with the most basic needs of a human being; food and shelter. Women and men come to Safe Harbor seeking food,shelter, and a new beginning.  They leave with friends, a support system, and the skills necessary to be self-sufficient.

Safe Harbor is always in need of meal providers. Members of the community are able to volunteer to provide a meal by contacting Ada at or by calling the shelter at 610.258.5540.







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