Here at Safe Harbor, we believe that self-sufficiency starts with a solid foundation. 

For this reason, we strive to provide programming that focuses on empowering the individual through education and skill development in a variety of areas. Our programs are tailored to target areas of need within the population that we serve, and have been developed with the individual in mind – that is, with the mentality that not one size will fit all. Each person who comes through our doors has a unique set of needs, and comes from a unique set of circumstances that caused their homelessness.

Our programming is designed to provide something for everyone, while addressing both areas of focused need (mental health, drugs and alcohol, re-entry, etc.) and areas of more general need.

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Find our more about our ARISE Programming – daily groups and classes meant to foster success through building a solid foundation in a variety of skill areas.


Learn about our BRIDGE Buddies for Recovery program – a one-on-one buddyship program designed to provide much-needed support to individuals in early recovery.


Get information about our Drop-In Day Program – basic human services for homeless and low-income members of the community.



Explore our Food Services and Garden Programs – programming that teaches basic cooking, health and nutrition, even on a budget!