Donations can be dropped off any day of the week. You do not need to call ahead to drop off donations, but can call 610.258.5540 x 206 if you have questions.

Items we accept: in-season clean clothing, clean bedding/blankets, new underwear, new or gently used bras, hygiene items of all kinds, new or gently used socks, cleaning items of all kinds, new or gently used shoes, household items, usable and unexpired food donations (canned goods/unexpired perishables, etc.), office supplies, other small goods. Items most needed can be found on our wish list.

Items we cannot accept: out-of-season clothing, furniture (no storage space), CRT TVs (flatscreens are ok), mouthwash containing alcohol, used underwear, unwearable/unusable or dirty clothing/bedding, weapons of any kind.

Hours to avoid: for your convenience and ease of parking, we suggest you avoid the lunch hour, as it gets very busy. We also suggest dropping off before 8pm if you are donating in the evening.

Receipts and Assistance: please check in with the house manager if you need assistance bringing donations in or with a receipt.

Parking: you can pull into our parking lot to drop off donations. From our parking lot, use the red door on the right (the one with black rails and a fish pond next to it) to enter our day room. The house manager’s office is immediately inside to the right.