Safe Harbor Easton is a program-driven, transitional shelter for homeless single men and women. It is also a drop-in program for low-income adults, particularly those who have difficulty with the tasks of daily life.

OUR MISSION: Safe Harbor Easton is dedicated to empowering and educating 15127474_10211045115994702_29415593_ohomeless men and women, and to helping them to achieve a better way of life. To that end, we provide safe, secure housing and case management for all clients. It is our mission to see that everyone who comes to us is given the means and opportunity to live a life of fulfillment and recovery.

OUR BELIEF: Safe Harbor believes that in building lifelong success, a stable foundation comes first and foremost. For this reason, Safe Harbor’s programming and individualized approach to case management integrated restorative practices with a hobarber-4listic view of self-recovery.

TRANSITIONAL SHELTER: Housed in a two-story building at 536 Bushkill Drive in Easton, the shelter has the capacity to house 21 men and 17 women overnight. Last year, we housed 183 people in our transitional shelter program. Each of those individuals were provided with an individual case manager with whom they developed a personal success plan.

DAY PROGRAM: Safe Harbor also operates a Daytime Drop-In Program that is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Last year we served over 53,000 meals between the day program and Safe Harbor residents. We offer all members of the day program access to basic needs services, case management, and referrals to other community services and organizations.


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