Introducing the ARISE Program

Safe Harbor Easton is thrilled to announce the successful launch of our new ARISE program. This key components of this program are Accountability, Recovery, Initiative, Self-sustainability, and Education.

ARISE is comprised of three phases that our residents must progress through before transitioning out of Safe Harbor and back into society.

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Phase 1 : six weeks of intensive, foundation-building classes and workshops led by both staff members and volunteer providers. All new residents will attend these classes, which are held three times a day Monday through Friday, and include: yoga, core skills, budgeting, life skills, breathing, cooking/nutrition, principles of recovery/re-entry, men’s/women’s group, community engagement, and group self-discovery sessions. Admissions to Phase 1 are rolling, and graduation to Phase 2 is determined by the resident’s case manager after all of the classes are completed or made up via alternative assignments.
Phase 2: resume-building, employment searching, applying for housing and supportive services with case management
Phase 3: saving money and searching for housing with case management

In addition to Phase 1 classes, all of our residents attend daily morning and evening meetings in which cares and concerns are expressed, house updates are given, and residents get to share their plans for the day and how their day went. Each morning meeting begins with a reading and a short, guided meditation to get everyone started on the right foot!

Safe Harbor Regatta 2016

 Thank you to all who participated in our 17th annual Safe Harbor Regatta on Saturday, September 17th. Great fun was had by all!

We will be calling those who won prizes and were unable to claim them the day of the Regatta on Friday, September 23rd. Prizes will be available for pickup next week!

Introducing Ada Chandler, Food Services Director

adaAda started her culinary career at her father’s restaurant where she worked for many years. Ada had several cooking jobs including working at Weed & Seed where she met Anita Mitchell. She then worked alongside Anita at the Easton Community Center for 8 years before coming to Safe Harbor in June.  Ada is very involved with the Easton Community and is the Culinary Instructor for Cooking Matters in the Easton School District where she teaches cooking classes to elementary and middle school children. She is also the chef for The Children’s Program at the Public Market and has her own catering business.

Ada has a deep passion for working with children and is looking forward to going back to school for Pastry Arts. She’s “grateful to have the knowledge and gift to spread happiness through her cooking.”

Ada starts every morning by giving hugs to the residents. When asked why she does it, Ada started to tear up and said “a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us told me he was going to give hugs to everyone he meets; at first I thought it was silly  but you never know if it’s going to be their last hug”. With that in mind Ada’s mission is to bring happiness to those around her by the simple gesture of giving someone a hug.